ICB. IPMA-Kompetenzrichtlinie. Version 3.0

ICB. IPMA-Kompetenzrichtlinie. Version 3.0

The IPMA Competence Baseline is the common framework document which all IPMA Member Associations and Certification Bodies abide by to ensure that consistent and harmonised standards are applied. As such, the majority of its content focuses on the description of the competence elements.

To meet the needs of those interested in the practical application of the ICB, the certification process is described for each level, together with a taxonomy and a self-assessment sheet.

IPMA’s approach to project management is broken down into 46 competence elements, covering the technical competence for project management (20 elements), the professional behaviour of project management personnel (15 elements) and the relations with the context of the projects, programmes and portfolios (11 elements).

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